Grand-master master and Spiritual Coach Anupriya recently entered in to a collaboration with Express News Bharat to offer her professional expertise on the subjects of Tarot Card, Medication and many valuable concepts that falls under Spirituality and this is a way for her to expand her spiritual guidance to millions of people across India and aborad through the viewership of the said news channel. 

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Aadishakti Elections 2024

Aadishakti Elections 2024

Aadishakti EP23


Spiritual Coach Anupriya has a lot more to offer. Through her extensive work in the field of Spirituality and also gaining rich experience while performing consultation as life coach, she has helped many individuals, couples, elderly, kids and those special care, she's now willing to impart her knowledge and over the experience seasoned for over a decade and half is only here to add more value to your life! She's taking care to write the articles in a simple, understandable and presentable manner so that anyone who reads them can apply them easily without pitfalls. It is up to each individual's interest and practice how much blessing one can gather through these articles. Click here to read the articles.  

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